Draw Length

How to know your proper draw length

One method is the standing arm length test:

To measure your draw length, determine the length of your arm-span in inches.  Stand with your arms out and palms facing forward.  Don't stretch when measuring.  Just stand naturally.  Have someone else help you, and measure from the tip of one middle finger to the other.  Then simply divide that number by 2.5.  The quotient is your proper draw length (in inches) for your body size. Many shops will have  a tape or tape on the wall so it is easier, yet this can be done even before you go buy the bow so if they suggest another draw length ask why. If they do not have an answer that makes sense RUN from the shop. Ask around, seek shops that are authorized dealers. If you know what bow you want, I would suggest you go to that manufacturer’s website and find an authorized dealer near you. Companies such as PSE, Bowtech, Elite, Mathews or Hoyt authorized dealers are more likely than not to get you in the bow that is the best for you, and not just trying to sell a bow.

In my opinion, the majority of compound bow owners set their bows for too much draw length, which results in poor shooting form - inaccuracy - and possibly a sweet painful string slap on the forearm (watch that softball size forearm grow).  When a bow is fit properly, you should have a comfortable draw weight and a proper draw length, this will enable you to shoot longer and practice your form. Aim small, miss small.  If there is any draw length doubt , choose a little LESS draw length rather than a little more.  Go to a quality shop and you will be fine.

Almost a useless fact, however, if you are a person of average proportions, your arm-span will be roughly equal to your height when measured in inches.  So there is often a direct correlation between a person's height and their draw length as well.  Once you have computed your draw length using the method above, you can double-check yourself by using the scale below - to see if your number is within the expected range. Plus you get to get to use both of your middle fingers, I wonder if anyone actually reads what I write?

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